Futures Tower is iconic prime grade a office building headquarter for SE Asia.There are three dimensional transportation network leading to future CBD.You can enjoy panoramic and unobstructed view of the mountain harbour and city.The grand hall founds image productivity of corporation, 9.5 meters in height,sparing enough space and founding uncommon verve.
We create the commerce building which worth while the expectation of the world according to international top standard.23Japanese Toshiba elevators are installed in subareas;the highest speed is 7m/s.Through optimization design,we reduce the time of waiting elevator in the rush period to the utmost extent .Two fire fighting elevators stop at every floor from the 3rd floor underground to the 53rd floor.Both guests and goods can use it,and one of them can carry weight to 2,000 kilograms. 
Today in Dalian ,there is common problem of lacking parking space around the office building .However,around Dalian international financial center,parking is no longer a problem.1,600 parking spaces which have the maximum parking outfits of Dalian office buildings,completely meet the demand of your parking.
In the beginning of architectural design,we consider the advanced configuration and high-technology supporting equipment as well as the multifunctional space application.The lawn of helicopter provides the services of commerce,first aid and so on for the customers.Fire hydrant is installed on the parking apron as well as aviation obstraction beacon and emergency light around it,ensuring your safety.
Internet raised floor,end the horizon and achieve the top of the commerce.VAV air-condition system,adjusting not only the temperature,but also the fresh air.5A intelligentized design of buildings,only regaled by the most fastidious cosmopolite.10,000M optical cable confirms the high speed operation of internet.Three-way independent power supply confirms your network and equipment perfectly safe.
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